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Facial recognition has proven to be an easy and secure method of verification. Save time accessing your accounts. Use eFace as a single sign on for all your accounts. Available on mobile and web interface. Never lose access to your private keys. Sign up now and claim your ID and free blockchain wallet
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Safely pay using your Facial and 2FA Authentication.

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Our app is available on your fingertips, anywhere anytime.

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We've made sure it's super easy to use for everyone.

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We're always available if you're stuck with any feature.

Secure Authentication

Efficiently unleash smooth face payment experience.

Use eFace System

Efficiently unleash secure Facial & 2FA Authentication. We pinpoint 68 points on face using cutting edge machine learning & AI Technology and use secure time based OTP Algorithm for 2FA Authentication. You also get 100,000 eFace Credits on signup, hurry up and claim your eF!
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eFace is using artificial intelligence and machine learning for verifying customers in real-time. Using this technology, crypto businesses can carry out verifications in real time and quickly. It checks customers in real time and produces high quality results in seconds. This eliminates false positives and helps secure consumers with crypto systems on board. Sign up with eFace now and get 100,000 eF blockchain credits.